Through years of working for and with public housing authorities CHS has developed strategies to help PHAs deal with some of their most challenging developments. CHS staff and consultants have evaluated existing public housing developments through the use of a comprehensive Physical Needs Assessments, Viability Analysis (Section 18) and Market Study to determine if the development is; viable, obsolete, or simply in need of modernization or conversion.

CHS provides a single point of contact for all of these strategic planning services. A significant benefit from this single source is that CHS integrates and coordinates all information to formulate an easily understandable strategic plan and communicates this information to staff and board members.

As with any business endeavor; a good plan is needed. CHS can assist public housing authority staff develop this plan and communicate it to stake holders.

On behalf of the Bloomington Indiana Housing Authority, I would like to express our appreciation of your thoroughness and professionalism while your firm worked on compiling information to complete our Comprehensive Grant 6th Year Plan.

Clarissa Inman

Section 8 Administrator, The Housing Authority of the City of Bloomington, Indiana