San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA)

Sunnydale & Velasco Apartments; Potrero Terrace and Annex

Physical Needs Assessment, Section 18 Demolition


 Project Assignment:

Prepare a Strategic Plan for SFHA via Sunnydale Development Co. LLC and BRIDGE – Potrero Community Associates LLC for Section 18 Demolition of the Sunnydale, Velasco, Potero Terrace and Annex developments in San Francisco CA. Work included preparation of: Physical Needs Assessment (PNA). The developments include 1,373 units within 153 buildings.

Assignment Details:

The overall goal was to develop a Strategic Plan that will help SFHA assess the condition and viability of Sunnydale/ Velasco and Potrero Terrace/ Annex developments. This strategic plan will be implemented to give direction to SFHA to help the organization achieve its goal of providing quality affordable housing for the next 20 years, in an environment of decreasing levels of federal assistance.

CHS began the process by meeting with executive staff to understand their concerns and objectives.

PNA: CHS conducted thorough development and unit assessments that included:

  • Inspection of 100% of the development site.
  • Inspection of 100% of the exterior of each building.
  • Inspection of 10% of the dwelling units.
  • Accessibility overview
  • Review of environmental reports.
  • Evaluation of infrastructure and mechanical systems.


Start – November 2013

Bidding- January 2014

Award of Bid- February 2014