Kingsport Housing and Redevelopment Board Kingsport

RAD Physical Condition Assessment, Energy Audit (EA) & Utility Consumption Baseline (UCB) -2015

Project Assignment:

Prepare an RAD PCA, EA and UCB for public housing developments consisting of 616 dwelling units in 9 developments. Work included preparation of: RAD Physical Needs Condition (PCA), Energy Audit and Utility Consumption Baseline

Assignment Details:

RAD PCA:   CHS conducted thorough development and unit assessments which included:

Inspection of 100% of each development site.

Inspection of 100% of the exterior of each building.

Inspection of 20% of the dwelling units.

Assessment of Section 504 (HC) compliance.

Review of environmental reports.

Evaluation of infrastructure and mechanical systems.

Evaluation of market improvement needs

Completion and upload of the RAD PCA database


Energy Audit (ASHRAE Level II): The report examined the current status of the housing development in terms of energy costs and consumption. The report presented information to manage and improve upon equipment and systems with respect to energy consumption. The report highlighted recent upgrades and energy efficient systems currently in place. Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECO’s) were identified and Operating and Maintenance Practices (OMP’s) were suggested.

Utility Consumption Baseline: The report examined the last 12 month utility bills to determine actual energy costs for all utilities (water, sewer, electricity, gas, propane etc.) for the various developments. Cost summaries of each development was provided and incorporated into the RAD PCA database.

Executive Summary: CHS prepared an executive summary of the findings and recommendations. This document was shared with the KHRD staff.