Dayton VCA Services

Greater Dayton Premier Management (GDPM) formerly known as Dayton Metropolitan Housing Authority (DMHA) entered into a seven-year Voluntary Compliance Agreement (VCA) with the HUD office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) in 2010.  Per the agreement, GDPM is required to correct the deficiencies in forty-five (45) existing designated accessible units as well as convert an additional eighty-nine (89) to meet the requirements for mobility disabilities.  GDPM is also required to provide forty-five (45) units meeting the requirements for sight and hearing disabilities.

CHS was contracted by GDPM to provide third-party services during the VCA period.  While the VCA only requires the units are Certified (post construction) to meet the requirements of UFAS, It is the philosophy of CHS that early identification of issues results in less impact to budget and schedule.  CHS provides a review of the Architects’ drawings prior to bidding to identify deficiencies.  This allows the Architects of Record to clarify their design intent or redesign elements prior to GDPM receiving the contractor’s bids, reducing the need for costly change orders during construction.  CHS also provides an inspection of the rough framing, electrical, and plumbing.  This allows the contractors and sub-contractors to correct deficiencies in their work before it is concealed behind finish materials, saving time and money for the contractors.  It also provides an opportunity for the contractors, Architects, and CHS to review the installation requirements for the equipment.  Finally, CHS provides a final inspection of all work in place to verify all UFAS requirements are met.