CHS has concentrated its design efforts on “Affordable Housing Preservation and Renovation.” CHS’s experience in affordable housing allows it to make wise decisions concerning the design, materials used and what “works” in affordable rental housing and what doesn’t. The principals of the firm worked for and with housing providers prior to starting the firm. Their attention to detail and concern for the end result can be seen in the vast number of projects that have been completed.  Like the majority of our affordable housing clients, CHS strives to expand the supply of decent, safe, affordable housing to persons and households throughout the United States and the USVI.

CHS places great importance on the examination of the existing conditions. The firm spends a great deal of its preliminary design time reviewing and inspecting the existing conditions of the project. For example, it is impossible to know with certainty what is above a ceiling or in a wall unless you open it up and examine the insides.  CHS believes that this attention to detail along with extensive communication with the owners, maintenance staff and residents sets it apart from other design firms.

Typical Architectural Services include:

Comprehensive modification of buildings and units (including structural modifications)

New construction of buildings and units

Renovations of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and  life safety systems

Elevator equipment and cab modifications; new construction of elevator towers

Exterior modifications to finishes, roofing, facades, windows, doors, landscaping, parking, walk surfaces

Accessibility to meet various regulations (Section 504, UFAS, ADA, Fair Housing, ICC ANSI A117.1)

Conversion of smaller size units into larger sized units

Building demolition

Energy conservation measures

Energy audits – ASHRAE Level II

Public housing utility allowance studies

CHS is committed to the schedule they propose. They are the first A/E firm to meet their proposed schedule. Very dependable… Excellent – Detailed cost estimates prior to bid. Understands PHA budgets… Due to CHS’ PHA experience as employees and consultants, CHS has provided LMHA with knowledge to perform more effectively.

Homer Virden

Executive Director, Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority