energy Audits

The cost of energy is increasing at a rapid pace. Innovative energy saving solutions is needed now more than ever. A key step in determining how to reduce energy costs is an Energy Audit. Energy Audits should be updated on a periodic basis as utility rates change and new technology is developed. For example, an Energy Audit that was prepared 10 years ago probably didn’t consider the use of LED lamps – now they are considered a significant part of an energy reduction strategy.

CHS’s team includes two Architect/Certified Energy Managers. Our team of experienced professionals work with EA Quip, RESNET, Manual J and N programs. CHS’s energy audits comply with ASHRAE Level II standardsCHS has found that engineers are very good at analyzing data and systems, but communicating the recommendations in a clear and concise manner is not necessarily their strength. Architecture is the only profession that understands and integrates all building principals. CHS provides value by completing all energy audits with Architect/Certified Energy Managers that consider building typology, building systems, affordable housing standards and maintenance practices along with the raw data.

CHS has completed energy audits in conjunction with the following programs:

RAD Physical Condition Assessments

Green Physical Needs Assessments

Ohio Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP)

U.S. Dept. of Energy – Energy Star Program