Architect, Certified Building Official

Professional Experience

Mr. Eaton has over 30 years experience in the field of architecture and certified building department administration. This experience has focused on changing the dynamics of relationships between design professionals and building departments. His concept when first acquiring building department certifications was that the Building Official should be an integral part of the owner’s design team. Early collaborative relationships with design professionals, and involvement during the initial design stages are crucial to a project’s success. Mr. Eaton has provided administrative and plan review consulting services to local City and County certified building departments throughout Ohio.

Mr. Eaton is a Registered Architect and holds building department certifications as a Chief Building Official, Master Plans Examiner, Building inspector and Mechanical Inspector. He also has been responsible for implementing technological upgrades to building department construction document submittal, plan review, and inspection processes. These advancements resulted in paperless 100% electronic processes and virtual inspection capabilities. Mr. Eaton has spoken at several building code conferences, as well as with many local City and County administrations promoting his vision of being part of an owner’s design team and promoting electronic building department advancements.


09/2017 – 09/2022
Superintendent, State of Ohio – Division of Industrial Compliance.

Administered the Division’s $32 million budget comprised of approximately 238 office and field staff. The Division’s operation included commercial building plan review and construction;

2001 – 2017
Chief Building Official – Bureau Chief, Division of Industrial Compliance – Bureau of Building Code Compliance

Responsible for administering the plan review, field inspection, and support operations for the Division’s commercial building department. In addition to the main office in Columbus, Ohio, the Bureau had four satellite offices throughout Ohio, each staffed with plan examination and support personnel. With the implementation of an electronic plan submittal process, the regional offices were consolidated to the main office in 2006, resulting in an approximate $4 million budget reduction. In 2015 the Bureau launched a video inspection process increasing the Bureau’s response to inspection requests and reducing travel time and costs for both the owner’s and the Division.

Plan Examiner, Bureau of Building Code Compliance

Conducted commercial plan reviews for State-owned projects and projects in 34 Counites of which the Division currently had jurisdiction.

1991 – 1998
Chief Building Official, City of Mansfield, Ohio Building Department

Administered the Certified Building Department; conducted plan reviews for commercial and residential projects; managed the zoning, housing, property maintenance and building department operations and personnel.

1986 – 1991
Project Architect, MKC Associates, Inc.

Project Architect responsible for managing the design and production of documents for educational, commercial and health care facilities.


B.S. Architecture – Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio
Certified Public Manager – Ohio State University John Glenn School of Public Affairs, Columbus Ohio


Registration & Professional Organizations

Architect – Ohio #9128

Certified Building Official – #403

Certified Master Plan Examiner – #403

Certified Building Inspector – #403

Certified Mechanical Inspector – #403

Member International Code Council

Training & Avocation

Six Sigma – Lean Ohio – Yellow Belt status
FEMA Damage assessment – Flood and Wind events