RAD Physical Condition Assessment

A RAD Physical Condition Assessment (RPCA) is a redevelopment/renovation and long-range planning tool required by the HUD for the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. The assessment outlines the current capital needs as well as the anticipated capital needs of a development and the estimated cost per year to complete this work. The term of a RPCA is twenty (20) years. In addition to predicting the capital needs, the report is prepared in conjunction with an Energy Audit (EA) and Utility Baseline Analysis. The EA provides calculations of estimated energy usage for certain components (Building Envelope, Water, HVAC, Appliances, and Lighting). A payback analysis, to determine if the energy savings will outweigh the additional cost of the “green” component, is provided to support the assessor’s recommendations.   The Utility Baseline Analysis provides metrics to compare against energy savings. The RPCA is submitted using the HUD eTool.